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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar


by William Shakespeare

Julius Caesar Timeline and Summary

  • 1.2: After whooping up on Pompey's sons, Caesar parades through the streets of Rome and parties it up at the Feast of Lupercal, where he gets the rock star treatment. When a soothsayer warns Caesar to "beware the Ides of March," Caesar blows him off.
  • 1.2.: Caesar chats it up with Antony about how Cassius is a dangerous little ankle biter.
  • 2.2: Fast forward a month. After hearing about Calphurnia's bad dream (she envisioned a bunch of Romans bathing in Caesar's blood), Caesar decides he'll stay home instead of going to the Senate. But then Decius shows up and says Calphurnia's dream just means Caesar is going to be an awesome ruler. Caesar decides to go to the Capitol, where he thinks he'll be crowned king.
  • 3.1: On his way to the Capitol, Caesar runs into Artemidorus, who is carrying a letter warning Caesar about Cassius's plot to assassinate him. Caesar refuses to read the letter and tells Artemidorus to scram.
  • 3.1: When Metellus Cimber kneels before Caesar, petitioning for his banished brother, Caesar acts like a jerk and threatens to kick him away like a dog.
  • 3.1: Caesar gets stabbed 33 times by his frenemies and blood spurts out of his wounds, making him look like a bloody fountain. Before falling down, he looks at his so-called pal and asks, "Et tu, Brute?"