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Kaffir Boy

Kaffir Boy


by Mark Mathabane

Kaffir Boy Chapter 14 Summary

  • Maria falls ill and Mama decides to take her to the clinic, even though they have no money.
  • Left alone, Mark joins a group of boys taunting the "shit-men," the men who gather the feces and urine filled buckets in the outhouses.
  • That day, the "shit-men" are in no mood to be taunted, and they run after the boys. Mark is caught, and they take him to his house.
  • With no adults around, they can do what they like, and they force Mark to stand in a bucket of feces and urine. They threaten to make him eat some, but don't carry out the threat.
  • After they leave, Mark tries to clean himself as best he can, but there's insufficient water.
  • Mama returns home and chides him for making fun of the "shit men." They do unpleasant but necessary work, she tells him. And besides, they have no choice.
  • Mark decides never to make fun of anybody again.

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