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Kaffir Boy

Kaffir Boy


by Mark Mathabane

Guide Mentor

Character Role Analysis

Scaramouche, Wilfred Horn, Helmut, Stan Smith, Andre Zietsman

Though Mark's guides and mentors are not major players in the book, they show up at a key moments throughout Kaffir Boy. Scaramouche is Mark's first tennis mentor and helps Mark become good enough to play for his school. Wilfred Horn runs the Tennis Ranch and provides Mark with the money to see Arthur Ashe play, to play in tournaments, and to have necessary equipment. Helmut is Mark's first white friend and he helps Mark see that he can relate to whites. Andre Zietsman is a white tennis player who helps Mark become a better tennis player but also helps him get his job at Barclays Bank. Stan Smith, the tennis player, not only provides Mark with some financial help but also gets his coach at USC to work on Mark's behalf. It is because of Stan's coach's help that Mark eventually gets a tennis scholarship to Limestone College in South Carolina. All of these mentors move in and out of Mark's life at critical moments and provide him with the help he needs.