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by Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver


Nicki and Kanye doing "Monster"

They joined with Jay-Z in New York to perform the song in September 2010.

Kanye: A little too into the pharaoh thing?

See the "Lyrics" tab for a deeper analysis of this. For now, enjoy the odd imagery of real life.

Nicki Minaj pink wig

Minaj quickly put herself in the running with Lady Gaga and Rihanna for the celebrity with the most extreme hair changes. The pink wig was her theme look for Pink Friday and made an appearance in the "Monster" video.

Justin Vernon and Kanye West

Performing live together. Apparently they've become great friends, too!

Creepy "Monster" video still

Pretty much captures the whole mood of the video, although this is one of the least gory images you'll find.

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