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Pry into Khepera (Khepri)’s Diary

I Akhet 1

It's New Year again. Ra's up partying on the boat with every god and goddess he can think of, while I keep things moving toward sunset. Not like he asked me if I minded all the extra weight or anything. He better have kept aside some of that pizza and beer for me, or it's going to be a long night.

III Akhet 7

Close call this morning. Apophis got past Seth and headed straight for Ra's throne in the center of the boat. I managed to roll us far enough to the right to avoid a collision, and then Seth got his harpoon into the back of the beast, but I'm betting the humans will be writing about this morning's celestial battle for centuries to come.

III Akhet 9

Seshat brought me a report on our little mishap two days ago. Seems the humans are calling it an eclipse, and they've decided it means bad things. From now on, they intend to make a whole lot of noise to scare off the darkness. I wish they'd just bring pitchforks instead. Sure, I appreciate the effort, but yelling and banging on pottery isn't going to help me keep this boat going when a 20-ton serpent made of evil is headed right for us.

I Peret 22

So tired. This morning, I almost headed in the wrong direction with the sun boat. Osiris sure was cross with me when I came through the wrong doorway! Good thing we got things turned around right away. Unraveling the universe would probably get me fired. And then who'd lug this solar boat around? Seth? Give me a break.

IV Peret 16

At dawn, I rolled over Egypt and heard this beautiful singing. The humans decided to throw me a party and a temple procession! Way down below, they were carrying a golden boat with Ra in it on their shoulders, pretending to be me, and playing music and dancing. I have to admit it was neat, even if I couldn't stop to go eat the offerings. Maybe I'll ask Anubis if he can sneak them down into the Duat tonight, so I can eat them during my break. The honey cakes looked spectacular.

III Shomu 30

Here we are, heading into the last year of the month again. Worrying about Ra. He's looking old and tired, though I guess a whole year of blazing hot gets to you after a while. It probably isn't any easier than my job rolling the boat along. Maybe I need to be more appreciative of the old man's efforts. It's hard when you barely get to talk to each other. We could both use a vacation, but something tells me the planet wouldn't last very long without us. Oh well. Got a job to do.

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