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Your Field Guide to Spotting Khepera (Khepri)

Chances are you aren't going to see another insect-headed god today. But in case you do, remember that Khepera is a scarab beetle, or a man with the head of a scarab. If you don't just run off screaming—or looking for the bug spray—maybe you can get a closer look.

Sex: Male
Age: Adult
Build: Muscular/buff, like traditional Egyptian men in paintings
Complexion: Medium brown-red (like other Egyptian gods and men in paintings)
Hair Color: Black, if he's got a wig behind the beetle head
Facial Hair: None. The beetle head (with no hair of course) is either black or green.
Scars/marks/tattoos: None
Jewelry and accessories: A big golden collar and bracelets, if any
Clothing: A short kilt
Armor: Sometimes a shirt of scale mail
Type of Weapon: That big scepter could probably wreck a few bad guys, if they weren't scared of bugs already.

Typical Companions:


Known Hangouts:

The sky
The ground
Pinball arcades
Racetracks (Khepera loves NASCAR)

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