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Khnum Photos

Triad of Elephantine
Here's me with some of my divine buddies from my temple at Elephantine in Aswan. [Stele of Amonhotep II, Louvre, 18th dynasty]

My cousins and BFFs
These guys and I play poker every Friday night. [Corriedale sheep, Charlo, Mission Valley, Montana, 2010, Bob Nichols]

Nice Pot(tery)
This is one of my first pots. I had potential early on, as you can see. [Predynastic boat vase, as depicted on pottery vase in "Ancient Egyptian Ships and Shipping" by William F. Edgerton. Private Edition as distributed by University of Chicago Libraries, reprinted from American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literature, Vol. XXXIX, No.2, January, 1923.]

What a Nice Nile
I help with the inundation (flood) of the Nile each year, which allows crops to grow. Awesome, right? [ISS Expedition 25 Crew]

Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple
Hattie created a gorgeous temple—just take a look! I'm glad I helped create her. [Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut]

Djoser's Masterpiece
Djoser worshipped me pretty well—I may've even given him help with his pyramid as a result. [Lantern Slide Collection: Step Pyramid of Zoser, Sakkara, 3rd Dyn., n.d., Property of the Brooklyn Museum]

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