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Khnum's Wall




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Ramesses II

Hey man, can you speak sheep? I was trying to chat with a ram the other day and I could use some pointers.

You bet I can. Come over to my temple at Aswan next week and we'll start our lessons.

Ramesses II

Great. Now I don't have to get Rosetta Stone for Sheep.


Hey, would you mind helping me travel across the underworld again tonight? You were really good yesterday.

Not again! Ra, we do this every day. I'm so tired. Can't I just sleep one of these nights?


Pleaassssseeeeee. I'll command the pharaohs to worship you even more if you do this for me.

Fine. But I also want free beer for the next thousand years!




Hola, sexy. Wanna come over tonight?


He's mine, not yours.


In actuality, girls, he's everyone's. After all, he created everybody.

threw a mud brick at Khnum.


Thanks again for helping us solve the drought crisis.

Yep. Your mortal minds were getting pretty dried up and out of ideas. Get it?


Yeah, I do. Don't forget that I'm a builder, too. I helped my pharaoh build a spectacular pyramid.

Yeah, but did you create the human race out of clay? Huh? Didja?


All right. You win!

I'm having a builder's block. I can't think of what to make on my pottery wheel next. Any ideas?


How about some more people to worship the gods?

likes this.


Hey, K-Town, you did a great job on creating me. I think I'm the best pharaoh ever!


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Thutmose III

Not so fast, auntie! I'm right on your heels as the heir to the throne and, let me tell you, I've got a trick or two up my sleeves.

is playing World of Warcraft while chilling under the pyramids.

I napped there last week. Good spot.


Bro, I think we might need a lot of help when we make the Nile flood this year. It's been a dry couple of months.

When we do make it flood, let's create a waterpark! You know, Six Flags or something.


likes this.

I challenge you to a pottery-off! Let's see who can create the most beautiful object.

Uh, I created people. That's pretty miraculous.

But people aren't necessarily beautiful. Just sayin'.

Fair. All right. 7:00PM next Friday, the Acropolis of Athens. It's on!

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