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by Robert Louis Stevenson

Alan Breck Stewart Timeline and Summary

  • Alan meets Davie aboard the Covenant. Alan was traveling in a small boat heading to France when his vessel hit the Covenant and sank. He is the only survivor of his boat.
  • Alan is carrying a belt full of gold that tempts Captain Hoseason to attack him. Davie helps Alan defend himself.
  • Alan manages to beat back Captain Hoseason and demands to be dropped off in Appin country.
  • Hoseason agrees, but the Covenant hits a rock and sinks before they can make it safely to shore.
  • Alan escapes Hoseason on the shore of the island of Mull and leaves secret messages for Davie to meet up with him in Appin.
  • Alan encounters Davie in the forest of Lettermore, just when the Red Fox (Colin Roy Campbell of Glenure) is shot.
  • Alan helps Davie escape across the Highlands, to the house of his brother, James Stewart.
  • James is freaking out because his widely known hatred of the Red Fox will make him a prime suspect in the murder. James is sure that he is going to be arrested and tells Alan to run away with Davie.
  • Alan and Davie flee east, trying to get back to the Lowlands.
  • After passing through the country of the Camerons, the Macphersons, and the home of Duncan Dhu Maccoll, Alan and Davie make it to Queensferry.
  • Alan lies low while Davie goes into town to meet with Mr. Rankeillor, the lawyer.
  • Davie rejoins Alan, accompanied by Rankeillor. Alan agrees to help Davie confront his evil uncle Ebenezer.
  • Posing as a Highlander holding Davie for profit, Alan succeeds in getting Ebenezer to admit that he arranged for Davie's kidnapping.
  • With this knowledge, Rankeillor has enough leverage over Ebenezer to force him to hand over the cash from the Shaws estate that is rightfully Davie's.
  • Davie and Alan walk toward Edinburgh, where Davie plans to visit a bank and Alan to arrange a boat to take him to France.
  • The two part ways and the book closes.