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The Killers

The Killers


by Ernest Hemingway

The Killers Appearances Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Paragraph)

Quote #4

"Just a bright boy," Max said. He leaned forward and took the ham and eggs. Both men ate with their gloves on. George watched them eat. (46)

Did you notice that Max ends up eating what Al ordered? Interesting…

Quote #5

"Hello, George," he said. "Can I get supper?"

"Sam’s gone out," George said. "He’ll be back in about half an hour." (117-8)

Here’s a double case of deceptive appearances; to the man who comes in, the diner appears open but is in fact closed. Of course, to the reader, the diner appears closed but is in fact concealing two would-be murderers.

Quote #6

"You talk too much, all the same," Al said. He came out from the kitchen. The cut-off barrels of the shotgun made a slight bulge under the waist of his too tight-fitting overcoat. He straightened his coat with his gloved hands. (140)

Notice how this bulge under the overcoat is revealed to us only now, after we know that Al has a gun, not earlier when he first entered the lunchroom.

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