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The Killers

The Killers


by Ernest Hemingway

George Timeline and Summary

  • When the killers enter the lunchroom, George asks them what they want to eat.
  • Both men try to order the dinner, which he explains isn’t ready yet. He offers them the alternatives.
  • When Al implies that he wants liquor, George simply lists off their non-alcoholic options.
  • He answers Max’s question as to the name of the town: Summit.
  • When the killers start giving him a hard time, George just responds with simple answers. They ask him if he’s a bright boy, he says "Sure." They ask if men come in to eat the big dinner, he says, "That’s right." You get the idea.
  • George gets the two suppers for the men, but can’t remember which is which.
  • The killers continue to harass him for looking at them while they’re eating.
  • When Al orders Nick to go around the counter, George wants to know what the idea is.
  • Once Nick and Sam are tied up, Max tries to make conversation with George, who again asks what this is all about.
  • Max asks George to offer a theory or two, but George won’t say what he thinks is going on.
  • When Max reveals that they’re going to kill Ole and asks George to confirm that he comes in to eat dinner at six, George answers, "sometimes."
  • George wants to know why the killers plan on killing Andreson if they’ve never met him. Max explains.
  • George plays his part well when various customers come in to the diner. He doesn’t give anything away.
  • At 6:55, George declares that Andreson isn’t coming.
  • As the killers leave, Al tells George that he’s lucky and Max adds that he ought to play the races.
  • George goes back to the kitchen and unties Sam and Nick. He explains that the men were going to kill Ole.
  • He then suggests that Nick go and see Ole to warn him. When Sam advises that Nick have nothing to do with it, George concedes that Nick shouldn’t go if he doesn’t want to.
  • After Nick decides to go, George tells him where Ole lives: Hirsch’s rooming-house.
  • When Nick comes back to the lunchroom, George asks if he told Ole what’s up. He then wants to know what Ole is going to do.
  • When Nick explains Andreson’s passivity, George declares that the men will kill him and that he probably "got mixed up in something in Chicago."
  • George thinks it’s "a hell of a thing!", but routinely wipes the counter with a towel. He explains to Nick that Andreson must have been a double-crosser, because "that’s what they kill them for."
  • When Nick says he’s going to get out of town, George agrees that this is a good thing, but he also tells Adams that he’d "better not think about it."