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by Rudyard Kipling

Kim: Quotes True or False

1. Who is the lama speaking to when he says, "[N]o white man knows the land and the customs of the land [of India] as thou knowest"? -> Kim
2. Who tells Kim that, "We of the Game are beyond protection. If we die, we die. Our names are blotted from the book. That is all"? -> Agent E.23
3. When Mahbub Ali answers, "Children should not see a carpet on the loom till the pattern is made plain. Believe me, Friend of all the World, I do thee great service", what has Kim asked for his help to escape? -> The Hunger Games
4. Who says to Kim, "I am sorry you cannot beat my boy this morning. He says he will kill you with a knife or poison. He is jealous, so I have put him in the corner and I shall not speak to him today. He has just tried to kill me"? -> Lurgan
5. Who instructs Kim to bear in mind that, "Still more important than Wordsworth, or the eminent authors, Burke and Hare, [is] the art and science of mensuration"? -> The lama