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by Rudyard Kipling

 Table of Contents

Kim Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from Kim.

Loyalty Quotes

The lama jibbed at the open door of a crowded third-class carriage. 'Were it not better to walk?' said he weakly.A burly Sikh artisan thrust forth his bearded head. 'Is he afraid? Do not be afraid....

Race Quotes

Though [Kim] was burned black as any native; though he spoke the vernacular by preference, and his mother-tongue in a clipped uncertain sing-song; though he consorted on terms of perfect equality w...

Cunning And Cleverness Quotes

True, he knew the wonderful walled city of Lahore from the Delhi Gate to the outer Fort Ditch; was hand in glove with men who led lives stranger than anything Haroun al Raschid dreamed of; and he l...

Appearances Quotes

If the woman had sent Kim up to the local Jadoo-Gher with those papers, he would, of course, have been taken over by the Provincial Lodge, and sent to the Masonic Orphanage in the Hills; but what s...

Foreignness And "The Other" Quotes

'Off! Off! Let me up!' cried Abdullah, climbing up Zam-Zammah's wheel.'Thy father was a pastry-cook, Thy mother stole the ghi,' sang Kim. 'All Mussalmans fell off Zam-Zammah long ago!''Let me up!'...

Youth Quotes

'Nay, if it please thee to forget—the one thing only that thou hast not told me. Surely thou must know? See, I am an old man! I ask with my head between thy feet, O Fountain of Wisdom. We know He...

Duty Quotes

'No. Punishment. When a man is bound by the action of his predecessor—''But C25 may have lied.''He bears out the other's information. Practically, they showed their hand six months back. But Deve...

Spirituality Quotes

There were hundreds of pieces, friezes of figures in relief, fragments of statues and slabs crowded with figures that had encrusted the brick walls of the Buddhist stupas and viharas of the North C...

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