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Duke of Cornwall Timeline and Summary

  • 1.1 Together with Regan, Cornwall gets a third of Lear's kingdom when he retires, upped to a half when Cordelia is taken out of the picture.
  • 2.1 Cornwall and Regan arrive at Gloucester's house.
  • 2.2 Cornwall puts Kent, Lear's messenger, in the stocks for fighting, as well as for disrespecting him after the fight. After his wife and Goneril confront Lear, Cornwall backs Goneril up and orders Gloucester to lock Lear out of his house.
  • 3.5 Edmund rats out his father to Cornwall, and Cornwall promises to pay Edmund back by giving him his father's position and land.
  • 3.7 Even though Gloucester is his host, Cornwall has him tied up and interrogated. After Cornwall plucks out one of Gloucester's eyes, one of Cornwall's servants attacks him. The servant wounds Cornwall, but Cornwall takes Gloucester's other eye before dying offstage from the injury.