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Study Questions

The Kite Runner Questions

  1. Is The Kite Runner told from an American perspective or from an Afghan perspective?
  2. The title of the novel – The Kite Runner – suggests Hassan is the main subject of the story. Does the title lead us astray? Is this book really about Hassan?
  3. What role does Amir's mother play in the novel? Is she just as important to Amir as Baba? How do the dead continue to affect the living in this novel?
  4. There are quite a few instances of deformity or scarring in the novel. To name a few: Ali's limp, Hassan's harelip, Amir's scar, Assef's crushed eye, and Soraya's birthmark. Why do you think Hosseini included so many deformities and scars in the novel? Can you think of any metaphorical deformities? Metaphorical scars?
  5. Through the character of Baba, masculinity looms large in Amir's home life. How does masculinity – of what it means to be an Afghan man – figure into the novel's ideas of nationhood and international conflict?

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