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The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale

The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale


by Geoffrey Chaucer

The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. Who is described? "Of Atthenes he wasa lord and governour" -> Palamon
2. "The remenant of the tale is long ynough" means -> The knight thinks the nun went on too long
3. Who is "he" in "He, for despit and for his tirranye To do the dede bodyes vileynye"? -> Creon
4. Who is described? "He cast his eye upon Emelya, And therwithal he bleynte, and cryede 'A!'" -> Palamon
5. Who is described, "The fresshe beautee sleeth me sodeynly"? -> Emily