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The Korean War Images

MacArthur at the Front

Douglas MacArthur at the front lines above Suwon, Korea

Semper Fi

An American Marine, his face etched by fatigue during his outfit's retreat from the Changjin Reservoir after being cut off by the Chinese during the Korean War (1950).


North Korean prisoners of war under guard before they are interrogated at the 21st Infantry Regiment's command post, south of Chonui, 10 July 1950.

Charting the War

This interactive map charts the US and ROK retreat and subsequent pushback from 1950-3 on a map of Korea.


A South Korean soldier comforts a wounded buddy before he is evacuated, 28 July 1950. Troops of the Republic of Korea (ROK) were responsible for defending the eastern portion of the peninsula. Photo: Department of Defense. Source: Truman Library.

Battling Through the Winter

An artillery officer directs UN troops as they drop white phosphorous on a Communist-held post in February 1951.

A Tenuous Dynamic

President Truman and General Douglas MacArthur meet for the first time on Wake Island, 14 October 1950. Source: Truman Library.

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