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Kubla Khan

Kubla Khan


by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Analysis: Brain Snacks

Brain Snacks: Tasty Tidbits of Knowledge

Coleridge had a close but sometimes rocky friendship with the poet William Wordsworth. They collaborated on a collection of poems called the Lyrical Ballads, one of the big achievements of English poetry. (Source)

Coleridge was also, sadly, a notorious drug addict. This wasn't just a one-time thing before writing "Kubla Khan." Persistent illness left him hooked on laudanum, a medical preparation of opium. (Source)

Kubla Khan ruled the largest empire the world has ever seen. It stretched from Hungary to Korea. Think about how much ground that covers. No wonder he needed somewhere nice to relax. (Source)

The famous Italian explorer Marco Polo was employed by Kubla Khan for 17 years, so he had plenty of time to get to know Xanadu. (Source)

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