La Belle Dame Sans Merci
La Belle Dame Sans Merci
by John Keats

La Belle Dame Sans Merci Love Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

She looked at me as she did love,
And made sweet moan. (lines 19-20)

These lines are usually interpreted as a sex scene. The knight and the lady here consummate their love. At least, they're consummating her love. Notice that she's the subject in this sentence: she's the one doing all the "look[ing]," "lov[ing]," and "moan[ing]."

Quote #2

I set her on my pacing steed,
And nothing else saw all day long. (lines 21-22)

The knight is so obsessed with the beautiful lady that he spends the day gawking at her. Is this love, or obsessive lust?

Quote #3

And sure in language strange she said –
I love thee true. (lines 27-28)

Again, it's the lady, and not the knight, who's doing the work here. She tells him that she loves him, but he doesn't say a word.

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