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Lady Chatterley's Lover

Lady Chatterley's Lover


by D.H. Lawrence

Lady Chatterley's Lover Society and Class Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

He was at his ease in the narrow "great world", that is, landed aristocracy society, but he was shy and nervous of all that other big world which consists of the vast hordes of the middle and lower classes, and foreigners. (1.27)

Like a highly specialized animal, Clifford is useless out of his natural habitat. Unfortunately for him, his natural habitat is way smaller than the rest of the world, which makes him kind of useless.

Quote #2

There was no communication between Wragby Hall and Tevershall village, none […] Gulf impassable, and a quiet sort of resentment on either side" (2.7)

When Connie becomes Lady Chatterley, she kind of expects to become the lady of the manor, handing out her leftovers and hand-me-downs to the poor miners of Tevershall. Surprise: the poor miners aren't especially interested in being condescended to.

Quote #3

And he had thought the kicking days were over. Alas, they weren't... They never would be. For he, in a sense, asked to be kicked. He pined to be where he didn't belong...among the English upper classes. (3.11)

There's nothing as pathetic as a social climber, or at least that's what Clifford's friends seem to think. Michaelis is rich and successful, but he can't quite make it into the upper class. Although, if it's populated by people like Clifford, we can't really see why he'd even want to.

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