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by Lady Gaga

Video & Audio

Barbara Walters Interview

It's kind of like if your grandmother asked you point-blank who you've slept with. The second funniest part of this interview is when Babs says "bluffin with my muffin." Or maybe when she makes Lady Gaga stutter and say "Oh my goodness."

Pre-Gaga: Stefani Germanotta Performs at NYU

A very early performance, back before Gaga was even Gaga. Sporting platinum hair and a radioactive tan, Stefani Germanotta belts out two amazing crowd-pleasers. We can already tell that she was well on her way in 2005.

"Paparazzi" Live at MTV Video Music Awards

The famous performance where she fakes her death on stage.

"Imagine" at Human Rights Campaign Dinner

Playing on a beautiful white grand piano just like Lennon did in his Tittenhurst Park estate (with Yoko Ono by his side), Gaga plays an acoustic "Imagine" and sings her heart out. She also changes some of the words to include Mathew Shepard, equal rights, democracy, and to make a plea for gay marriage.

Queen's "Radio Ga Ga": Music Video

The song by Queen that inspired Lady Gaga's name and her musical style.

"Paparazzi" Music Video

Shot in Bel Air and (possibly?) Malibu or Santa Monica, the video follows a paparazzi-stalked starlet and her murderous boyfriend. He pushes her off a balcony in an attempt to aim her towards the press cameras, a fall from which she miraculously survives. Back in action, it's just a matter of time before she pours lethal powder into his Scotch on the rocks and it's "bye bye boyfriend."

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