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Lady Lazarus

Lady Lazarus


by Sylvia Plath

Lady Lazarus Resources


Plath, According to the Academy of American Poets

Check out this brief but illuminating intro to the poet for the skinny on her life and work.

Some Criticism of "Lazy Lazarus"

And by criticism, we mean analysis, written by fancy pants, elbow-patched professors.


Sylvia (2003)

Check out the trailer for the 2003 film, starring Gwyneth Paltrow.

Plath reads "Lady Lazarus"

It's neat to hear the poem in her own voice, if you can get past the super creepy video, and the few places where she's tweaked the lines

Plath reads "Daddy"

Whaddya know? Another super creepy video.


"Lady Lazarus" read by the poet herself

She gives us chills. What about you?

Ryan Adams…

…sings his song "Sylvia Plath."


Plath in Her Youth

What are you looking at, Syl?

Plath and Hughes

Plath and her husband in 1956, looking not unhappy.

Articles and Interviews

An Interview with Plath

Here's some insight on what makes her tick.


The Collected Poems

Find 'em all here.

The Bell Jar

If you like her poetry, you'll love her novel.

The Unabridged Journals

Want to know what she was really thinking? Crack open Plath's journals for the exclusive scoop.


Where "Lady Lazarus" first hit the scene.

Ariel: The Restored Edition

Check out the original manuscript here to get in touch with the poems as Sylvia saw them.

Movies & TV

Sylvia (2003)

A biopic featuring Gwyneth Paltrow and James Bond, oops we mean Daniel Craig.

The Bell Jar (1979)

This one's based on Plath's shocking novel.

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