The Lady with the Dog
The Lady with the Dog
by Anton Chekhov
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The Lady with the Dog Fate and Free Will Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"It's a good thing I am going away," she said to Gurov. "It's the finger of destiny!" (2.35)

Anna is simply trying to justify she and Gurov's unfortunate circumstance.

Quote #2

"I shall remember you...think of you," she said. "God be with you; be happy. Don't remember evil against me. We are parting forever – it must be so, for we ought never to have met. Well, God be with you." (2.39)

Again, Anna's guilt manifests itself in these ideas of fate, of what must be, of what ought to have been.

Quote #3

The train moved off rapidly, its lights soon vanished from sight, and a minute later there was no sound of it, as though everything had conspired together to end as quickly as possible that sweet delirium, that madness. (2.40)

Notice that Gurov adopts the same fatalistic attitude that Anna did before she left.

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