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The Lady with the Dog

The Lady with the Dog

by Anton Chekhov

Isolation Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

She was walking alone, always wearing the same béret, and always with the same white dog; no one knew who she was, and every one called her simply "the lady with the dog." (1.2)

Anna is very much separate from the rest of the Yalta crowd; she is isolated in the sense that no one knows who she is or anything about her.

Quote #2

One did not know what to do with oneself. (2.1)

Consider the way the environment drives action in this story…

Quote #3

I have been tormented by curiosity; I wanted something better. 'There must be a different sort of life,' I said to myself. I wanted to live! To live, to live! . . . I was fired by curiosity . . . you don't understand it, but, I swear to God, I could not control myself; something happened to me: I could not be restrained. (2.17)

It is ironic that Gurov is driven by the very same curiosity – yet Anna doesn't recognize this commonality and feels isolated from her lover anyway.

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