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The Lamb

The Lamb


by William Blake

The Lamb Resources


Short Lecture on "The Tyger"
A short lecture on "The Tyger," the companion to "The Lamb" in the Songs of Experience.


Allen Ginsberg Sings William Blake
The 20th century poet Allen Ginsberg released a CD with songs (kind of) set to the verses of The Songs of Innocence and Experience. We think his version of "The Lamb" sounds like Smurfs singing. (Select "Performance" to hear the song.)


"The Lamb": Blake's Illustration
The illustrated watercolor print of "The Lamb."

Historical Documents

Digital Songs of Innocence and Experience
A digital copy of the Songs of Innocence and Experience. If we could own any book in the world, this would be high on our list.


Fearful Symmetry, by Northrop Frye
Frye was a giant of 20th century literary criticism and of Romanticism in general. It helps explain the complicated system of myths and symbols that Blake fuses together in his works.


The William Blake Archive

A glorious digital archive with biographical information, copies of illustrated works, and even a tutorial on the art of engraving.


A solid selection of poems and a brief biography of William Blake. Here you can also read part of Blake's prophetic poem about America.

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