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Poem [Lana Turner has collapsed!]
Poem [Lana Turner has collapsed!]
by Frank O'Hara

Poem [Lana Turner has collapsed!] Admiration Quotes Page 1

How we cite the quotes:
Quote #1

Lana Turner has collapsed! (1)

Okay, so it's clear that Lana Turner is important to our speaker – the poem begins with a reference to her. We find out about her collapse even before we know who the speaker is, where he is, who he's with, and so on. And the speaker expects us to know who she is; Lana Turner's a movie star, after all. He assumes that his readers love celebrity culture as much as he does.

Quote #2


Thanks, Frank, for reminding us. The speaker hasn't mentioned Lana since the first line of the poem, but here she comes roaring back into it. The headline almost screams at us to pay attention: a terrible thing has happened to a beautiful woman!

Quote #3

oh Lana Turner we love you get up (17)

In these lines, the speaker, perhaps with a knowing little smile, boldly states his love for a celebrity who he's never met. He addresses her directly, as if she could actually hear him. Maybe he's a little nuts, or maybe he just wants to send some good vibes to Lana. Either way, he speaks as if he actually knows Lana – the object of his admiration – personally.

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