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Poem [Lana Turner has collapsed!]

Poem [Lana Turner has collapsed!]


by Frank O'Hara

Poem [Lana Turner has collapsed!] Resources


Frank O'Hara

This is Frank's official site.

The Academy of American Poets

A good, basic bio of O'Hara.

The New York Times

Here's what the paper of record had to say about a new selection of O'Hara's poetry.


Watch O'Hara Read

Here's O'Hara reading his poem "Having a Coke With You" in 1966. You'll never look at a can of Coke the same way again.

Lana Turner

Check out a clip from an old movie Lana Turner starred in.

Don Reads Frank

Don Draper reads O'Hara's poem "Mayakovsky" in an episode of Mad Men.


Listen to O'Hara Read

Here's an audio clip of O'Hara reading "Poem [Lana Turner has collapsed!]." Listen for the audience laughter at the end.


Looking Contemplative

Tell us what you're thinking, Frank.

Best Buds

O'Hara with his good friend and fellow New York School poet John Ashbery.


Lunch Poems

If you want just a taste of O'Hara's other work, this is the book to start with.

The Collected Poems of Frank O'Hara

If you're really digging O'Hara, check out his Collected Poems.

Digressions on Some Poems by Frank O'Hara

This book is written by Joe LeSueur, O'Hara's sometimes boyfriend and always friend. It provides great context (and more than a little gossip) about O'Hara's poetry.

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