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Doo Wop

Doo Wop


by Lauryn Hill


Lauryn Hill Official Site

Keep up to date on Hill's occasional appearances, news coverage, and merchandise, but don't expect anything too new and shiny out of the former Fugee these days. Also, watch out for those concerts—although people still make an effort to see her rare live shows, she is notorious for showing up late and disappointing audiences.

Claude Grunitzky: "The Prophet: Lauryn Hill" (2005)

Grunitzky's painful but exciting description of an interview with Lauryn Hill several years after her self-imposed exiled says a lot about what happened to Hill, but it also leaves many questions unanswered.

Laura Checkoway: "Inside The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” Rolling Stone (2008)

This long article published on the ten-year anniversary of the album's release looks back at the ups and downs of Lauryn Hill's career and the never-before-told stories behind the album's creation through a set of interviews with many of those involved.

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