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The Left Hand of Darkness

The Left Hand of Darkness


by Ursula K. Le Guin

The Left Hand of Darkness Characters

Meet the Cast

Genly Ai

Okay, we don't mind admitting that we've got our full-on nerd badges as long-time Star Trek fans. (And not the new, sexy one.) So, in Star Trek, the Federation has a prime directive. It's like the...

Therem Harth re ir Estraven

Estraven is Ai's secret friend and helper. He starts off the book as Prime Minister of Karhide and ends up a disgraced traitor—but we know better. Early in the book, Estraven is removed from his...

King Argaven

As a character, Argaven serves as a foil for many characters, most notably Ai and Estraven. Estraven wants the Ekumen to come because he believes they will change Gethen for the better. Ai wants th...

Faxe the Weaver

Faxe is the Foreteller or Weaver of the Ariskostor Fastness and a leader in the Handdara religion.Ai meets Faxe at the Fastness when he comes to have a prophecy foretold. As the Weaver, Faxe has th...

Pemmer Harge rem ir Tibe

Tibe is Estraven's political opponent. After Estraven is sent into exile, he succeeds as Prime Minister.Perhaps the most telling aspect of Tibe is his mouth. The first and only time Ai actually mee...

Minor Characters (Main Story)

The LandladyPlot-wise the Landlady doesn't have much going for her. She rents a room to Ai during his first stay in Karhide and gives curious visitors a tour of that room when Ai is away. She also...

Minor Characters (Supplemental Chapters)

Getheren & HodeThe tragic brothers and lovers of Chapter 2: The Place Inside the Blizzard. Hode commits suicide when he learns they can no longer be together, and Getheren is run out of town. G...
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