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The Left Hand of Darkness

The Left Hand of Darkness


by Ursula K. Le Guin

The Left Hand of Darkness Resources


The Author of the Hour

The website of one Ursula K Le Guin.

NPR Gives the Love

See if you can find Le Guin on NPR's 100 science fiction/fantasy books.


The online community for fans of Le Guin and her work. Because everybody needs a place to hang.

Data Feed

The Internet Science Fiction Database has got the "data" and the "base" covered, not to mention some Ursula K. Le Guin goodness.

Glacier Knowledge

Because who wouldn't want to know more about glaciers?

Curious Question

Sam Jordison asks if Le Guin was guilty of sexism herself. Only one way to see his point of view: get clicking.

Different Take; Same Source

The Guardian provides another article on The Left Hand of Darkness but with a very different take.


Two New Yorker contributors discuss the novel.


The New Yorker also talks with Le Guin on The Left Hand of Darkness. She's amazingly honest about the book, noting its positives and negatives.

Blog Them Hugos

Io9's series of opinion essays detailing every Hugo winner gives Le Guin gets her time to shine.


SFFWorld gives a few quick thoughts on The Left Hand of Darkness.


Translation Nation

Le Guin translated the Tao Te Ching without learning Chinese? Really?


Of course, she's been interviewed. All great authors get interviewed.

Jimmy Boy

Jim the Librarian gives his review of The Left Hand of Darkness. We love this guy. Why? Because his name is Jim the Librarian.


Just Mappin'

Ever wondered how the landmarks of Gethen all link together? So did we. Thankfully, Le Guin has drawn up this nifty little map.

Deviantly Original

We've got to give props to *M Nat's original artwork on Deviant Art. Pretty slick.

Old School

Seriously, just look at the wear on this old-school cover.

New School

A fresh, clean cover, although we don't know which one we prefer.

Who Dat?

Why it's Ursula K Le Guin, the author of this excellent read.


A picture of a glacier in all its glory.


Why two glacier pictures? Because they're awesome desktop backgrounds.


A third glacier picture, just in case you didn't get enough.

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