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Brom Van Brunt (Abraham, Brom Bones) Timeline and Summary

  • Brom is the head honcho of Sleepy Hollow until Ichabod comes around and gets in his way. Ichabod starts hitting on Brom's girl, which doesn't go over too well with our bulky horseman.
  • Ichabod refuses to fight Brom because he's too much of a wuss, so Brom takes the next best route: pranks.
  • At the big Van Tassel shindig, Brom joins in the scary storytelling, and he spends most of his time making fun of the Headless Horseman.
  • When Ichabod disappears, Brom marries Katrina. He got the girl.
  • We're not pointing any fingers, but Brom is pretty suspicious in the case of the missing schoolteacher. Is he the real Headless Horseman?
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