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Character Role Analysis


Why He's the Protagonist

No one can deny that Ichabod is the main character of "Sleepy Hollow." We meet him first, we follow him around, we know his thoughts, and the story ends when he flees the scene. Whether we like it or not, Ichabod is our main squeeze.

Why We Still Don't Love Him

Just because Ichabod is our protagonist, we don't have to like him. After all, what is there to like? He's mean, greedy, and gluttonous (amongst a whole slew of other nasty adjectives). Actually, we don't even have a reason to justify why he's such a jerk—maybe if Baltus was a stingy old Scrooge and Ichabod was starving… but no such luck. Normally we like our protagonist (although that's not always the case), but even though Ichabod is fun to laugh at (not with), we're not his biggest fans.

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