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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
by Washington Irving
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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Warfare Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

When he entered the house the conquest of his heart was complete. (1.24)

Love = battlefield. Doesn't get any plainer than that. The funny thing is, it's not Katrina's gentle soul, generous spirit, or even hot bod that wins Ichabod over. Nope, it's her dad's fancy house.

Quote #2

Ichabod, on the contrary, had to win his way to the heart of a country coquette, beset with a labyrinth of whims and caprices, which were forever presenting new difficulties and impediments. (1.25)

Hitting on a girl seems to be more dangerous than fighting a dragon for our Ichabod.

Quote #3

To have taken the field openly against his rival would have been madness; for he was not a man to be thwarted in his amours, any more than that stormy lover, Achilles. (1.29)

This is like comparing Steven Tyler to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hilarious, and a good way to shout out to the most epic legend of all time (Achilles, not Schwarzenegger).

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