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Legislative Branch (Congress)

Legislative Branch (Congress)

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

What is Congress?


1. What is Congress?
2. What is Congress's main function?
3. How is one selected as a member for Congress?
4. How did the system of government differ under the Articles of the Confederation than under the Constitution?
5. Why would Congress be considered "first among equals"?


1. Congress is another term for the legislative branch of the federal government.
2. Congress actually writes the laws.
3. One is directly elected by the people -- representative democracy.
4. Under the Articles of Constitution, there was no executive branch (President) or judicial branch (Supreme Court), so there was no pattern of checks and balances: the Congress was the entire government.
5. While there are checks and balances between all three branches of government, Congress is the only one that actually writes laws. The article dealing with Congress is longer than the rest of the Constitution combined!