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Leviticus Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

  • Is Leviticus concerned primarily with individual salvation or creating a community?
  • Does animal sacrifice make any sense in the context of the Bible?
  • What's the connection between the sex laws in Leviticus and its laws on providing for the care of the poor?
  • Does the worldview of Leviticus have any connection to secular science?
  • Do the laws of Leviticus apply to the whole world or only to people in the land of ancient Israel?
  • Should we trust what Leviticus says about other religions?
  • Do the sacrifices in Leviticus have any relevance today?
  • Does the Jubilee provide a workable model for today's global financial system?
  • How could atheists use Leviticus as an argument against God? How could believers refute them?
  • Based on the text alone, what arguments and evidence support the conclusion that Moses wrote Leviticus? What arguments and evidence support alternative theories as to the authorship of Leviticus?
  • If NASA's Curiosity lander were to find proof of animal life on Mars, could it possibly be kosher according the laws in Leviticus chapter 11?
  • Does modern medicine make the personal purity laws obsolete?
  • What's the real reason Leviticus bans mixed fibers?
  • How can a book that requires people to fulfill their vow to commit genocide be truly moral?

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