Libation Bearers
Libation Bearers
by Aeschylus
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Libation Bearers Religion Quotes Page 4

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Quote #10

(Orestes): "And now you see me about to go in supplication, ready prepared with this wreathed and leafy branch, to the shrine at mid-earth's navel, Loxias' holy ground, and its bright fire called undying, as I flee pollution for this family blood; and it was Loxias' order to turn to no other hearth." (1034-1039)

Orestes's final act in the play is also an act of devotion. This time, however, he is in more urgent need of divine help than ever before. Apollo (Loxias is just another one of his names) is the one who sent Orestes off on his mission; now Apollo is the only one who can take away the stain of killing his mother.

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