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The Library of Babel
The Library of Babel
by Jorge Luis Borges
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The Library of Babel Exploration Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

Like all the men of the Library, in my younger days I traveled; I have journeyed in quest of a book, perhaps the catalog of catalogs. (1)

What kind of quest do you go on in a Library? Why, a quest for a book, of course.

Quote #2

It is true that the most ancient peoples, the first librarians, employed a language quite different from the one we speak today; it is true that a few miles to the right, our language devolves into dialect and that ninety floors above, it becomes incomprehensible. (6)

Despite the uniformity of the Library itself, it seems there's some diversity among its human inhabitants. This might help to make exploration of the Library a little less boring.

Quote #3

Thousands of greedy individuals abandoned their sweet native hexagons and rushed downstairs, upstairs, spurred by the vain desire to find their Vindication. (8)

Explorers are always super excited and optimistic at the beginning of their journeys. But these warm fuzzy feelings don't usually last too long – questing is hard work, yo.

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