Life of Pi
Life of Pi
by Yann Martel

Challenges & Opportunities of Teaching Life of Pi

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Sample of Challenges & Opportunities

Where does one begin with Life of Pi? When reading the book, we always end up feeling like there's just so much here. There may be no better expression to describe the novel than the phrase "brimming with life." Boy, does it brim. Life of Pi is one of those books that gushes with ideas; as a result, it can be daunting.

Still, try to look at it this way: all that brimming, all that gushing, is also a sign of just how generous this book is. In Martel's fictional world, it makes more sense to think about the beliefs and values that Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and even atheists clearly share than about their differences. Just like it might make more sense to believe that a boy can coexist peacefully with a tiger on a boat than to believe in the gory inhumanism of human cannibalism – or to believe that both stories can be just as true, just as real. This is a book that makes us want to believe in the power of stories and storytelling, and how both can make us, for lack of a better word, more human(e).