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by Edgar Allan Poe

Ligeia Appearance Quotes

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Quote #1

There is one dear topic, however, on which my memory fails me not. It is the person of Ligeia. (3)

There is something impressive about Ligeia, physically, that manages to jog even the narrator's weak memory.

Quote #2

In beauty of face no maiden ever equaled her. It was the radiance of an opium-dream – an airy and spirit-lifting vision more wildly divine than the phantasies which hovered about the slumbering souls of the daughters of Delos. Yet her features were not of that regular mould which we have been falsely taught to worship in the classical labors of the heathen. "There is no exquisite beauty," says Bacon, Lord Verulam, speaking truly of all the forms and genera of beauty, without some strangeness in the proportion." (3)

They say beauty is a product of symmetry – well, Lord Verulam and the narrator seem to disagree.

Quote #3

For eyes we have no models in the remotely antique. It might have been, too, that in these eyes of my beloved lay the secret to which Lord Verulam alludes. They were, I must believe, far larger than the ordinary eyes of our own race. They were even fuller than the fullest of the gazelle eyes of the tribe of the valley of Nourjahad. Yet it was only at intervals – in moments of intense excitement – that this peculiarity became more than slightly noticeable in Ligeia. (4)

The fact that Ligeia's "peculiarity" usually reveals itself in moments of excitement only makes it that much more mysterious.

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