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by Edgar Allan Poe

Ligeia Timeline and Summary

  • Ligeia is described in detail by the narrator.
  • Ligeia's health begins to decline.
  • Ligeia struggles against death with a passion that surprises even the narrator. Her love for him grows as she gets sicker.
  • On the night of her death, Ligeia asks the narrator to recite "The Conqueror Worm," a poem she had written a few days earlier.
  • When he finishes reciting it, Ligeia leaps from her bed and calls out, asking God to let her triumph over death, "The Conqueror," just this once; she repeats the Glanvill quotation.
  • Exhausted, she falls back into bed. As she breathes her last breaths, Ligeia whispers the last words of the Glanvill quotation: "Man doth not yield him to the angels, nor unto death utterly, save only through the weakness of his feeble will."
  • Ligeia often appears in the narrator's opium-induced dreams.
  • When "Lady Rowena" rises from her bed and removes her shroud, it turns out she's become Lady Ligeia.