by Edgar Allan Poe
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Ligeia Mortality Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

Some few ottomans and golden candelabra, of Eastern figure, were in various stations about – and there was the couch, too – the bridal couch – of an Indian model, and low, and sculptured of solid ebony, with a pall-like canopy above. In each of the angles of the chamber stood on end a gigantic sarcophagus of black granite, from the tombs of the kings over against Luxor, with their aged lids full of immemorial sculpture. (20)

The narrator brings together a "bridal couch" and some sarcophaguses – that is, coffins. Talk about a creepy combination.

Quote #5

Why shall I pause to relate how, time after time, until near the period of the gray dawn, this hideous drama of revivification was repeated; how each terrific relapse was only into a sterner and apparently more irredeemable death; how each agony wore the aspect of a struggle with some invisible foe; and how each struggle was succeeded by I know not what of wild change in the personal appearance of the corpse? Let me hurry to a conclusion. (27)

With each cycle of life and death, Rowena's body deteriorates more and more. We get the sense that death is really struggling to take hold of the body.

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