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Like A Rolling Stone
Like A Rolling Stone
by Bob Dylan
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Like A Rolling Stone Books

Greil Marcus, Like A Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan At the Crossroads (2005)

Marcus' account of the song's development and significance is overwrought with adoration for Dylan, but you get the sense that the man can't help himself: he loves the song so much he wrote a whole book about it!

Mark Polizzotti, Highway 61 Revisited (2006)

This little book tells the story of the groundbreaking album with a bit of fanfare and a lot of detail. Highly recommended as a primer on the "Like A Rolling Stone" era of Dylan.

Bob Dylan, Chronicles, Vol. I (2004)

Dylan's rollicking memoir drags you through his early career faster than Jack Kerouac drags you across the country in On The Road—and Kerouac's influence on Dylan's writing is evident throughout.

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