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Systems of Linear Equations

Systems of Linear Equations

Systems of Linear Equations: Inconsistent and Independent: A Story of Politics True or False

1. A system of equations consisting of two parallel lines is -> consistent and dependent.
2. The system of equations


-> consistent and dependent.

3. The system of equations


-> hungry. When's dinner?

4. Set up an equation describing the following situation, using x for the independent variable and y for the dependent variable: 

Betty wants to start a business selling cookies. She'll need $17,000 to convert her kitchen into a commercial kitchen capable of handling large-scale cookie production. After converting her kitchen, she will spend $2000 per year on ingredients and other supplies, and will make $6000 per year from cookie sales.

-> y = 2000x + 17000

5. Deanna sells apples for a local shopkeeper. The shopkeeper gives her $2 per day for showing up to work, and $0.25 for each apple she sells. How many apples does Deanna need to sell to be paid $6.75 in one day? -> 27
6. Ten days ago, some scientists started running an experiment where they linearly increase the temperature of a particular liquid over a long period of time. It's a top secret experiment, so please don't blab about it to your friends. Anyway, when the experiment started, the temperature of the liquid was -12° F. Today the temperature of the liquid is 3° F, and in ten more days the temperature of the liquid will be 18° F. How do they know it will be 18° F in ten days? Oh yeah...they also invented a time machine. 

After how many days from the start of the experiment was the temperature of the liquid equal to 0° F?

-> 8

7. Which system of equations best describes the following situation? 

On Sunday, Grandma Betty was given two dozen get-well cards. Grandma Florence was given six get-well cards every day, starting on Sunday.