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Systems of Linear Equations

Systems of Linear Equations

Systems of Linear Equations: Inconsistent and Independent: A Story of Politics True or False

1. A system of equations consisting of two parallel lines isconsistent and dependent.
2. The system of equations


consistent and dependent.

3. The system of equations


hungry. When's dinner?

4. Which graph best represents the following situation? 

Mrs. Smith had 200 catnip mice. She gave two catnip mice to each cat she met, until she had only 76 mice left.

5. Set up an equation describing the following situation, using x for the independent variable and y for the dependent variable: 

Betty wants to start a business selling cookies. She's friends with Loren and Marisol from our earlier example, so she already knows she's going to hit the ground running. She will need $17,000 to convert her kitchen into a commercial kitchen capable of handling large-scale cookie production. After converting her kitchen, she will spend $2,000 per year on ingredients and other supplies, and will make $6,000 per year from cookie sales.

x = 4000y + 17000

6. Deanna sells apples for a local shopkeeper. The shopkeeper gives her $2 per day for showing up to work, and $0.25 for each apple she sells. How many apples does Deanna need to sell to be paid $6.75 in one day?18
7. Ten days ago, some scientists started running an experiment where they linearly increase the temperature of a particular liquid over a long period of time. It's a top secret experiment, so please don't blab about it to your friends. Anyway, when the experiment started, the temperature of the liquid was -12° F. Today the temperature of the liquid is 3° F, and in ten more days the temperature of the liquid will be 18° F. How do they know it will be 18° F in ten days? Oh yeah...they also invented a time machine. 

After how many days from the start of the experiment was the temperature of the liquid equal to 0° F?


8. Which system of equations best describes the following situation? 

On Sunday, Grandma Betty was given two dozen get-well cards. Grandma Florence was given six get-well cards every day, starting on Sunday.