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Systems of Linear Equations Resources

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SOS Math: Systems of Equations

Need some more practice translating word problems to algebraic equations? This page will help you become more familiar dealing with two, three, or even four variables. Hm…what comes after x, y,and z?

Math Warehouse: System of Linear Equations

You'll find a wealth of information and resources here, including worksheets, a System of Equation Solver, an Interactive System of Linear Equations, descriptions of every method, and practice problems. Plus, it's 100% ad-free…as long as you don't look at the very top of your screen.

Basic-Mathematics.com: Substitution Method

If you enjoy plugging things in, step away from the power outlet and give substitution a go. This method doesn't even require the use of a surge protector.

Algebra.com: Lesson Types of Systems – Inconsistent, Dependent, Independent

Dependent, independent, consistent, inconsistent…is your mind boggled by all of these new and funky vocab words? Check out the colorful examples and helpful tables on algebra.com, and your mind will soon be unboggled. Yes, that's a word. Now.


Graphing Linear Equations

Graphs are visual things, so why not a video? This puppy even features picture-in-picture, so you can both watch the teacher instruct as well as watch a student overcome his frustration and learn before your very eyes. You can tell he's a student because his baseball cap is on backwards.

Dummies.com: How to Solve Simple Linear Equations in Algebra

This video will cover several different ways to solve simple linear equations. At one point, they even demonstrate with a picture of donuts. Don't get any drool in between your keyboard keys. It's tough to clean out.

Brightstorm: Inconsistent and Dependent Systems of Equations

Get additional assistance wrapping your head around some new terminology by watching this short video. A system of equations may have infinitely many solutions, but fortunately, this video isn't infinitely many minutes long.

Games and Tools

Math Playground: Save the Zogs – Practice Identifying Linear Equations

Identify the given linear equations and help save these Zogs! What is a Zog, you ask, and why are so many of them seemingly lost in Graphland? We could tell you, but then we'd have to steal your Zog.

Algebra-Class.com: System of Equations Word Problems

Try these sample problems and then check the answer key to see how you did. The key will walk you through each problem step by step, even highlighting those parts you should pay special attention to. We think it would be nice if they also italicized them, bolded them, circled them, drew stars around them and pointed to them with arrows, but guess we'll have to settle for the bold yellow shading.

Quia.com: Systems of Equations Jeopardy

In this Jeopardy-style game, answer questions relating to solving by graphing, substitution, elimination or by inequalities. Don't risk it all in Final Jeopardy. You don't want to come off as greedy and reckless with the whole country watching you.

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