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Solving Word Problems Exercises

Example 1

A dolphin eats seven fish per hour. How many hours until the dolphin has eaten 56 fish?

Example 2

Leslie sells pianos. She gets a base salary of $30,000 per year plus a commission for every piano she sells. Last year she sold 20 pianos and made $48,000. What is her per-piano commission?

Example 3

Giovanni starts 700 miles from L.A. and drives straight towards the city at 55 miles per hour. After how many hours of driving is he 370 miles away from L.A.?

Example 4

Anna made forty-one cookies and went to a party. She gave each kid 2 cookies, and had 3 cookies left over. She threw those out rather than eat them herself because she's trying to watch her girlish figure. How many kids were at the party?

Example 5

Robert lives due south of an amusement park. One day he left his home and drove due south, directly away from the amusement park. He couldn't take the screaming kids any more. After two hours, Robert was 95 miles from the amusement park. After five hours, he was 212 miles away.

Strangely, he could still hear them...

  1. How far is Robert's home from the amusement park?
  2. How fast was Robert driving?