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Systems of Linear Equations Terms

Get down with the lingo

Consistent System Of Linear Equations

A system of equations with at least one solution. Yeah, at least one solution means that we can give at least one answer, consistently.

Dependent System Of Linear Equations

A system of linear equation with infinitely many solutions.


A relation between sets of input and output where each input is related to one and only one output. The lobster model of mathematics.


A diagram representing data or relationship(s) between variables.

Inconsistent System Of Linear Equations

A system of equations with no solution. We're talking zip, zero, nada.

Independent System Of Linear Equations

A system of linear equations with a unique solution.


The point where the graph of a function crosses the x-axis or y-axis.


A rectangular array of numbers arranged into rows and columns.


How steep a line is. It's measured as rise over run. Think ski slopes.

Solution To A System Of Equations

The value(s) of the variables that solve all the equations simultaneously.

System Of Equations

A group of two or more equations.

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