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The Stone Table

Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory

The Stone Table is an ancient Narnian monument – a slab of stone held up on pillars and covered in mysterious writing. The White Witch and her Dwarf discuss the Stone Table as the proper place for traitors to be executed and sacrifices made. When Aslan agrees to let himself be sacrificed in Edmund's place, the Witch binds him to the Stone Table and kills him there. When Aslan is miraculously resurrected, though, thanks to the Deeper Magic from Before the Dawn of Time, the Stone Table cracks. Aslan explains that this, too, was part of a prophecy. We can think of the Stone Table as symbolizing the normal laws of the universe – but Aslan's sacrifice is so special that it breaks the Table in half forever. If you're really into Christian symbolism, the cracking of the Stone Table reminds us of the veil in the temple tearing in half during Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.

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