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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe


by C.S. Lewis

Susan Pevensie Timeline and Summary

  • Susan is evacuated from London to live in the country.
  • She hears from her sister Lucy that there is a gateway in the wardrobe to the magical land of Narnia. She worries that Lucy may be losing her mind.
  • Susan enters Narnia with her three siblings.
  • She discovers that Mr. Tumnus has been arrested.
  • Susan and her siblings meet Mr. Beaver and travel to his dam.
  • She discovers that Edmund has betrayed them and flees with Peter, Lucy, and the Beavers.
  • Susan receives gifts from Father Christmas.
  • She meets Aslan and is awed by him.
  • Susan is attacked by Fenris, but Peter saves her.
  • Susan and Lucy follow Aslan to the Stone Table and witness his sacrifice.
  • They witness Aslan's resurrection, then travel with Aslan to the Witch's house and free the people who have been turned into statues.
  • Susan returns to the site of the battle between good and evil and witnesses victory for good.
  • Susan is crowned a Queen of Narnia and becomes known as Queen Susan the Gentle.
  • She returns home through the wardrobe.