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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe


by C.S. Lewis

The White Witch Timeline and Summary

  • The White Witch meets Edmund in the woods and learns that human beings have found their way into Narnia.
  • The Witch bespells Edmund with enchanted Turkish Delight.
  • She orders the arrest of Mr. Tumnus.
  • The Witch learns from Edmund that his brother and sisters are in the Beavers' house.
  • She takes Edmund hostage and attempts to capture his siblings, but is prevented by the arrival of spring and the uselessness of her sledge.
  • The Witch tries to kill Edmund, but is ambushed by Aslan's followers. She disguises herself as a tree stump to escape capture.
  • She goes to see Aslan under a flag of truce and claims Edmund for herself as a traitor.
  • The Witch and Aslan have a private conversation and she renounces her claim on Edmund.
  • The Witch sacrifices Aslan at the Stone Table.
  • She and her army attack Aslan's followers.
  • The Witch's wand is destroyed by Edmund during the battle.
  • The Witch is killed by Aslan.