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Little Bee (The Other Hand) Quotes

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Love Quotes

"Is you getting baddies?""Are we getting baddies, Charlie. Not is we.""Are you?""Yes, Batman. Yes, that's exactly what we're doing." (2.36-39)

Mortality Quotes

Apparently she let him know she was coming […]. Five days later he killed himself by hanging. They found my husband with his feet treading empty air, touching the soil of no country. (2.3)

Transformation Quotes

I made myself undesirable. I declined to wash, and I let my skin grow oily. Under my clothes I wound a wide strip of cotton around my chest, to make my breasts small and flat. (1.37)

Contrasting Regions: Nigeria and England Quotes

I looked down at his newspaper. The headline on the new page said ASYLUM SEEKERS EATING OUR SWANS. (1.116)

Guilt and Blame Quotes

Certain attitudes which have been adopted by this society have left this commentator a little lost. (2.18)

Justice and Judgment Quotes

She was not pretty and she was not a good talker either, but there is one more thing that can save you from being sent home early. This girl's thing was, she had her story all written down and made...

Language and Communication Quotes

No, it is not the Queen's crown and scepter that rule in your land. It is her grammar and her voice. That is why it's desirable to speak the way she does. (1.6)

Technology and Modernization Quotes

A pound is free to travel to safety, and we are free to watch it go. This is the human triumph. This is called, globalization. A girl like me gets stopped at immigration, but a pound can leap turns...

Hope Quotes

The African girl they locked up in the immigration detention center, poor child, she never really escaped. (1.34)

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